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PWCCA - Cell Research EP [CA053]


Welcome back home to PWCCA, beloved member of the Combine Audio family.

PWCCA one of the top techno producers in Spain at the moment, comes back in peak shape to release a 5 tracker called after one its bangers “Cell Research”.

The whole Ep resonates with the old-school techno vibes of the late 90’s excelled through knowledge, new tools and time, which is exactly our leitmotiv.

The whole EP is an eclectic take on different techno trends handled with mastery.

Five amazing tracks for every situation. Going from dark mechanic groove in “Body Parts”, through a relentless 3/4 roaring synth in “Cell Research”, psycho percs in “Chromosome” and hypno tribal groove in "Cytoplasm", to conclude with a full energetic and classy groove in “Ordered Structure”

Best way to start the year.

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