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Julieta Kopp - Hypocrates EP [CA050]


We are glad to welcome Julieta Kopp at Combine Audio with her debut release: “Hypocrates EP”

She is an emerging talent coming from Argentina. Her hard work and passion already lead her to become a resident at the legendary Under Club in Buenos Aires.

Her likes for mental atmospheres, tough kicks and hypnotic layers dig deep into this EP´s core.

“Hate doesn’t let you see” builds up the tension from the very beginning with it’s main synth roaring in the background. Feels like a witch’s cauldron boiling in the back spreading some evil when the filter goes up and down.

In her second track, “Hypocrates”, she goes for the groove but still keep the hypno vibe with background details and evolving percs.

“I had to kill a cop” is def a killer. Clean percs, raw groove and detuned layers will make you trip through peaks and valleys all along the track.

“Sharp Knife” hits like a juggernaut with a deep kick and a sub-bass drive while the hi hat cuts like a hot knife through butter. Drones and hypnotic layers in the back as her signature.

Finally closing with “Suburban Strip”. Powerful kick drive to light up the dance floor and classy percs full of automations to generate different dynamics.


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